Shaping ideas into reality

We believe in community, consistency and growth

In Axolotl, we believe that non-formal education and learning by doing are key components for self-improvement and professional development. We support organisations, educational institutions and startup by offering videography solutions, project writing and facilitation of activities.

Our vision is to be the catalyst that propels educational endeavors beyond boundaries, celebrating the diversity of cultures, ideas, and talents. We invest in creativity, quality education and expression.

A little overview on how we’re going to do this..

Our higher goal is to empower individuals and organizations to unleash their potential. We strive to remove barriers and provide the necessary support, resources, and guidance required to transform ideas into impactful projects that resonate globally. Whether it’s grant writing, project management, consultancy, videography or facilitation, we’re here to make sure the project preserves its quality from beginning to end. 

We recognize the power of education to propel humanity forward are dedicated to elevating the status of artistic professions. Our mission is to provide financial support, organizational expertise, creative problem solving and video solutions to ensure that organisations can grow without trouble.

Our Values

We support ideas that matter

Added value

We deeply believe in providing added value to every project we undertake. We love supporting meaningful ideas, so don’t be surprised if we throw in a bonus or two!

Personalised approach

We believe in collaboration and creative problem-solving. We will guide your organisation to come up with solutions to common problems that you have never even imagined!


We believe in quality life-long personal and professional development. Our educational initiatives are structured to facilitate ongoing skill development and knowledge enrichment, empowering individuals to stay relevant and excel in their pursuits throughout their professional journey.

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Our company TIMELINE

Axolotl’s vision for the future is constantly expanding as we upgrade our method, toolkit and scale.


Establishing Axolotl

Axolotl’s mission is to provide added value to project management, funding and video solutions for organisations and companies to thrive on a local and international level.


Partnerships Established

Axolotl partners up with established non-profit organisations across Europe to support an international environment focused on growth and education.


Collaborative Space

One of our overarching goals is to invest in a creative training center where art develops as a tool for lifelong learning and non-formal education practices in the nature of beautiful Bulgaria.


International Leader

Our goal is to become the leading choice for project management services and funding for educational institutions and non-profit organisations by 2028.


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